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1969 barracuda

Okay heres the deal I had a 67 camaro I traded that for a 73 challenger ralley but now I got a trade for a 69 barracuda but I dont know if its worth it. Let me tell you about the 2. The challenger is missing hood, truck, engine, trans, and seats only has rust one the floor pan. Heres the info on the barracuda its a one onwer car has every thing only rust is on the back lower 1/4 looks really good but idk if its worth though. Can anyone tell me what a rebuild of a 318 would be? Also what would the barracuda worth if I wanted to sell it?
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Man, you oughta just stick to one car.

Myself, I'd take an 69 Barracuda over a Challenger anyday.

Is it a fast back or a notch back? Is the trunk rusted? Frame?

Is it a bucket seat / console car? Or column shift car? Bench seat? Factory 318 car?

the list goes on and on.

Hard to tell what it'd be worth if you wanted to sell it. Depends on what the VIN says, and how much money you throw into it
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Its a fastback. no other rust besides the lower 1/4 panel. has bucket seats with console and has factory 318. Ill see if I can get the vin. Yes I know i gotta keep one car but I really want for the challenger but everyone just wants to trade.
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I'd be all over that Barracuda!
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Seeing that I own one of each. A new Challenger and a 68 Barracuda my choice would be the Barracuda.... Check the vin # and then we can determine exactly what it is... But again my choice would be the Barracuda....
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ill post the vin today
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sadly though the truth is an E body will be worth more then a A body for a while now the challenger has more resale value then a early model A body barracuda would but hey IM an A body guy and, there AINT NO BODY like an A BODY
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i myself would get the barracuda seeing how everythings there and fix it , challengers are cool but too expensive to get parts for and buy looking at pics of the chally and the camaro it seems to me you dont really have money falling out of your you know [ kinda like me ] but it boils down to this is, it what you really want? be it a mopar,chevy, or ford let's say you do get it and everything is great ,.....but theres one thing about the car you dont like so here you go again for sale or trade etc, i traded a really nice 66 coronet 500 for my dart at that time my dart was a complete basket case it needed everything and i mean everything the only thing the dart had going for it was it was rust free and straight except the bolt on items doors,fenders,etc the coronet just needed seat covers and wash&waxed but a 70 dart swinger is what i really wanted so the deal was done and guess what almost 10 yrs later a wife, a son , alot of other bills for living i still have that same car why? because it's what i always wanted
so not trying to get you mad or upset you is it what you really want to enjoy and fix up?
hope this helps
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the car I had when I met my wife, wouldn't mind having an other
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i have a 69 barracuda it is ready for paint it will have a 605 indy motor with 14 32 tires it will be street drivin the paint will have a base color of purple i am bad at desigining a paint scheme does anyone have any ideas for a couple of other colors to add to it for a cool look pictures will be helpfull
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