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SpeedFest 10-18-2013 10:10 AM


Location: Palm Beach International Raceway

Date: Saturday December 7th, 2013

Time: 3pm - Midnight

Gates will open at 2pm for drag racers and sponsors.

$15 walk-in spectator or passenger
$25 Drag Racer (Car & Driver)
$25 Car Show Entry (Car & Driver)

The car show will have 30+ different trophy classes for all types of cars and trucks from classics to modern autos.

There will be entertainment, food, vendors...etc...

For anyone who wants to be a Sponsor, PM me here and I can go over what we need to do.

More information will be added and updated as we get closer to the date.

Mark your calendars and lets see what kind of a car count we can get. Track prep will be top notch. We are hoping to pull some big numbers out there. Weather will be great!

For more information, check out

Thus far, here are the sponsors we have for the event.

Redline Motorsports - Drag Racing Title Sponsor
American Speed Factory - Title Sponsor

Power by the Hour / Lund Racing
Andy's Auto Repair
HP Logic
Real World Horsepower
Lashway Motorsports
Chrome Fish Customs
Final Mod Apparel
Prestige Sound
Torq Speedlab
Billet Design
The Pros
Camaro 5 Muscle

We are getting more sponsors daily and with that, this event will continue to grow.

We will have some of the fastest cars in Florida racing at this event!!!


Basic Rules (Classes 1,2,3,4): This event is a "street car" event. We all know how far the term "street car" gets stretched, the rules below are designed to maintain an event with cars you could very possibly pull up next to on the street.
All classes are DOT Approved RADIAL tire only (No Slicks).
All cars must have current tags and registration, full factory glass and factory dashboard in place (gutting the dash is allowed).
Only allowed lightweight body panels are hood, hatch/trunk and bumpers, no 3 piece front ends. No wheelie bars.
All classes run on a sportsman .500 tree.

Class 1: Florida's Fastest Top 16 (The fastest 16 qualifiers from FWD, RWD & AWD compete in a heads up elimination to determine the winner of "Florida's Fastest Street Car Shootout")

Class 2: FWD: Only FWD cars allowed within the above mentioned rules. Bias Ply skinnies allowed on the rear wheels only. Top qualifiers compete in heads up eliminations to determine the fastest FWD.

Class 3: AWD: Only AWD cars allowed within the above mentioned rules. Bias Plys not allowed, Radial/Drag Radial Tires only. Top qualifiers compete in heads up eliminations to determine the fastest
AWD. *4WD trucks fall into the RWD class, only full time AWD vehicles are allowed in the AWD class.

Class 4: RWD: Only RWD cars allowed within the above mentioned rules. Bias Ply skinnies allowed on the front wheels only. Top qualifiers compete in heads up eliminations to determine the fastest RWD. *4WD trucks fall into the RWD class and will run in 2WD mode. If found running in 4WD at anytime, you will be forced to forfeit.

Qualifying is run in in your respective classes (FWD, AWD, RWD) with the top 16 overall qualifiers advancing to the Florida's Fastest Top 16 elimination ladder.
The remaining qualifiers run eliminations in their respective classes.

Grudge Racing & Test n Tune: All cars are welcome in the Grudge Racing & TnT, standard TnT rules apply. No restrictions. Call Outs Allowed.

RACER PAYOUTS: (minimum 16 car field required for full payout)

  • Florida's Fastest Top 16:
    Winner $600
    Runner Up $200
    Semis: $100
    Quarters: $25
  • FWD: Winner $200 Runner Up: $50
  • AWD: Winner $200 Runner Up: $50
  • RWD: Winner $200 Runner Up: $50

Payouts Sponsored by: REDLINE MOTORSPORTS

Date: Saturday December 7th, 2013
Hours: 3PM-Midnight (racers & crew allowed in at 2pm)
Spectator/Crew Entry: $15
Race Entry :$25

RacerHog 10-18-2013 10:30 AM

Man That Dude in the Gold Sedan Custom sure gets around..... Cool Dude to talk too !!!!

SpeedFest 10-21-2013 02:40 PM

Rules Revised and Higher Payouts

SpeedFest 10-30-2013 06:26 PM

Official Car Show Classes for Speed Fest 2013

1. Best of Show Extreme
2. Best of Show Wild
3. Best of Show Mild
4. Best Japanese Mild
5. Best Japanese Wild
6. Best European Mild
7. Best European Wild
8. Best Korean Mild
9. Best Korean Wild
10. Best Classic General Motors
11. Best Modern General Motors
12. Best Classic Ford
13. Best Modern Ford
14. Best Classic Mopar
15. Best Modern Mopar
16. Best Exotic
17. Best Luxury
18. Best Hot rod
19. Best Stance
20. Best Display
21. Best Project Car
22. Best Female Owned
23. Most Slammed
24. Best of Show Truck/SUV
25. Best Vehicle Wrap
26. Best Custom Paint Job
27. Best Interior
28. Best Engine Bay
29. Best Car Audio Display
30. Car Club Participation

For more information on this epic event visit

SpeedFest 10-30-2013 06:27 PM

AfterHours Mopar Performance is the official CAR SHOW SPONSOR!!!

SpeedFest 11-22-2013 07:20 PM

Florida's Fastest Streetcar Shootout at SpeedFest 2013

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