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Here's a site comparing heads. Good for bench racing at least.

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well by going off that chart i'd say my ported 906 heads with 545 lift & 320 dur will be great 539 + hp & my indy ez will be even better again .
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Good site. Thats a saved one.

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btw i'm flowing my heads , ported manifold & [email protected]#ty headers now so we'll see if my $ 130 die grinder paid off .
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Looking at that chart is very interesting but one thing to bear in mind is that the HP numbers are the MAXIMUM possible with optimum settings. ie: optimum fuel, timing, compression ratio and minimal restrictions upstream of intake port and downstream of exhaust port.
An intake manifold, for example, and its runners represent a significant restriction in airflow as does a carburettor -no matter how big.

And don't even go to places like valve bounce, misfires, timing accuracy, the list is endless and each and every factor can have a noticable effect on power production.

Yes, I know that they have three different formulae for various types of engine but still it may be as well to bear that in mind.

So, as they say, results may vary -particularly on a street/strip engine on pump gas.
it'll be interesting to see what the real world numbers are on the GM (aaaargh...!!) BB I'm currently assembling with loving care. I ported and cc'd the heads and then put them on the flowbench. The raw numbers were comparable to those quoted on the chart and those numbers extrapolated to roughly those quoted -albeit that my camshaft will be slightly more stout.

Time will tell...........

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