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318 - 390 Stroker

I am the proud owner of a Dodge W200 (M880) with a 318, and i am currently rebuilding it. Frame done, rust done, so engine is next on my to do list.

So here is my problem, iwe been trying to get all the knowledge i can from the net, been reading everything i can find about the 318 engine. And it seem to me like its a good strong engine to rebuild. How ever the net is an extremely hard place to get a strait answer. The normal engine rebuild threads start out fine, but very quickly turn into chaos, bickering or personal preferences.

I kind of have my heart set on a rebuild of my old 318,nd turning it into a 390 stroker, i know it might be easier/cheaper to rebuild a 360, but old v8 engines are very hard to come by here is the state of Denmark. And getting a crate engine from the US would cost an arm and a leg, plus a small fortune and taxes =)

I have loads of questions but no one to ask, since i have the misfortune of living in Denmark (Scandinavia) where there are not than many people who know jake about old v8 engines.

So my question is this:
Is a stroker engine a wise choice for a big heavy truck like mine (about 4200 lbs)?

Could you build a "mild" 390 stroker with something resembling the reliability of my old 318 (original engine from 76)?

What are the pros and cons of a stroker engine vs a "normal" size crank?

Should i skip the idea and just rebuild it more like a stock 318?

Any feedback would been very welcome =)

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Bacto, Welcome to the forum! :welcome2: A stroker engine is ideal for a heavy truck,more low end torque than stock. But, a stroker rotating assembly is expensive! Yes they can be reliable. It might be better just to keep it stock. I only do big blocks,so hopefully some one who knows small blocks will chime in!

good luck, john
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The cast 390 kits seem reasonable and a good idea. I like the idea of the 3.94" bore over the 3.79" stroke for 370 cubes, although I've only seen the 4340 expensive ones. If you were going for big power in a hot rod I'd think twice because of the cylinder shrouding of the 2.02" valves. Your truck with 1.88" or 1.92"s with a proper sized manifold, carb and cam would yank that thing along like a bull. With a good trans and final drive combination I think it is a GREAT idea. Look at a Hughes main girdle for some additional bottom strength. I was a Big Block guy but love my 318s now.
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Great looking truck!

For a heavy truck stroking is an excellent choice.
Stroke kits are VERY reliable.
Should you just rebuild your 318? That's preference..

Since you mentioned cost I will assume you have a budget that is decent but don't want to waste money.

The 318 will swallow the 4.00 stroke and with the 3.94 bore you are good to go. RPM machine has an unbalanced kit for 999 or so? I havent checked in a while but its close to that..

4200 lbs isnt that heavy for a daily driver for a 318 IMO. And the 318 with some good inexpensive mods could make BIG power and make that truck fun yet still functional. The 318 is often over looked but they are a very good motor. 400HP is obtainable with 318 without getting exotic.

Think of the motor as nothing more that an air pump. Air in / Air out.
When you up stroke you will need a lot more air and a lot more exhaust. Stroking a motor with stock heads, cast iron manifolds, stock cam, and intake will actually hurt performance. The power band will be very low and your usable rpm range will stink.

If your motor just needs rings, bearings and gaskets then i would rebuild it and use your funds on headers, intake and heads. You need heads, intake and exhaust to get the stroker to work as intended anyway.

Grab a cam from a regrinder like Hugh's. Cheaper than new and they work well. Add an airgap from edelbrock and some rhs or eq heads. Long tube headers and enjoy...

When that goes or you need to replace the rotating assembly I would stroke it.
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strokers are cool

I have been doing a lot of research on this very thing. I came across this web site and this is what i am going to do. http://www.popularhotrodding.com/eng...e/viewall.html If you are willing to do some hunting you can have a 318 with big horse power that is cheap.
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