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Anyone ever been hit

Just curious if anyone has ever been hit by another driver and what has the reaction of the other drivers insurance company as far as paying damages on one of these older Mopars when they find out the costs when you finally locate the replacement parts.Just wonder if the insurance companies try to give you a hard time and low ball you.
I haven't been in an accident or anything and I have haggertys insurance with full coverage so I guess I could always go back on collision but was just sitting here thinking.
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let hagerrty deal with this
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I have not been hit yet in my mopar! Having quite a bit of experience with insurance companies over the years, i would absolutely expect a hard time and or a low ball offer, no question.

The idea from moparted is the best, let Haggerty deal with them!
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Actually, call your insurance company and talk to them about it. You never know if you will get hit or give a hit. Find out who they deal with local to you that can do the repairs to your Mopar and then give them a call and see if and how most of those claims are handled.
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I got rear ended about 5 or 6 years ago and my car (67 Coronet 500) recieved minor damage to the rear bumber, tail light, tail light houseing, quarter panel extension and quarter panel. I located all the parts that were damaged and made an itemized list ofvthem with prices and turned it in to the other drivers insurance and they cut me a check for all the parts and for any shop time that was required. I had all the parts in my garage from a parts car, so the insurance company basically bought the parts from me based on the highest prices i could find on the internet. Not sure if I would be so lucky if it happened again.
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First if someone hits you it's time to play hard ball. You are the one in control !!!
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I was rear ended in my 77 Dodge W200 two summers ago on my way to a friends place. I was stopped at a traffic light when it happened. No damage to my truck but, the front end of the lady's little car was totally wrecked. No one was injured. We parted ways since she admitted being at fault and no damage was done to me.

All I have is State Farm liability. I figured if anything happen to my trucks the insurance would total them. If a squirrel fell out of a tree and hit the hood... totaled.

I could be wrong but I've always assumed that if you don't have special insurance and your vehicle is over 10 years old. It's getting totaled by the insurance company.
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It was the day after I buried my Father and my wife and I had just started back home from lunch. We were in her 2010 Dodge Ram sitting at a stop sign, up hill when a Nissan Extera rear ended us. It pushed us at least a foot up hill while my wife had her foot on the break. It did $3000 worth of damage to her truck and all I can say is thank God for the trailer hitch because it saved the bed from being pushed into the cab. The guys Extera was totalled. I got out walked back and looked at my Wife's truck and looked at the dude who was sitting in his Extera and said "WTF???" I called the Sheriff. My Wife was beside herself and I calmed her down. When the Sheriff arrived, he asked who wasn't driving. I said I wasn't. He pulled me aside and asked what happened. I truthfully and politely told him what happened. He said he could clearly see from the damage and skid marks on the ground that the person who hit us had no intention of stopping for the stop sign. He sighted him on the spot with multiple violations and had his car towed. We were able to drive the truck home. The officer left the guy who hit us at the scene and said let this be a lesson for you. I remember the Sheriff pointing at the stop sign and yelling at the guy "You see that sign? Those aren't optional! Next time you stop!!!" The guys insurance company didn't even hesitate. They paid for everything, repair of vehicle, lost wages, medical for my wifes back and $1000 for inconvienence. The company was AllState.
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