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TPMS question(s)

G'afternoon fellow mopar folks. I'll be in the market for new tires for my 08 Dodge Ram regular cab and have seen alot of the chain tire stores offer/require a TPMS rebuild kit for the new tire installation. I was wondering if anyone has ditched the TPMS tire sensors on their ride and what they've experienced.

From what I can tell so far, the only negative effect I'll get is the tire sensor light would be on all the time. I'm not to sure if I have a chime or not, so I'll have to look into that. I'm just wondering, I like all the new technology, but I'm a little old school and still carry a tire pressure gauge in the glove box and check the tires once a week. Old habits are hard to break
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If you have yearly state inspections you may not pass if your TPMS light is on.
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My 2008 sebring convertible has a broken TPMS. Its part number is 56053030AC Looking for replacement, I see there is also 56053030AA AB and AC listed. What is the difference between the AA AB and AC ?? Does the numbers indicate the wheel it is reporting??

Replacement part says no programming necessary, just follow OEM retrain procedure. Owners manual says if wheels are changed, simply drive the car for over 10 miles and it will relearn on its own. However, after getting new tires, i have two broken sensors and tire dealer did not have suitable replacements. Now one working sensor shows up on the wrong corner. I.e shows being on the passenger rear, when it is actually on the passenger front.

Should this have been programmed, or should the car have learned, or is the AA AB and AC indicating where each wheel should be?? Chrysler dealer wants $175 to replace each wheel TPMS...thats absurd !!
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