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'68 Newport - Carburetor question

Hey guys,
So here's the story. I was driving it on the highway yesterday, then it started running extremely sluggish and stalled right in the middle of the highway. Got it started, and it chugged and backfired the whole way home. I sprayed some carb cleaner in the carburetor, and it stopped chugging and started purring. The next day, it did it again. So I repeated, was fine for a few, got it upto speed (maybe 20 or so), and the problem was back. Really irritated with it. At this point, I just want to get a whole new carburetor for it. Don't even want to deal with trying to use a carburetor kit and attempt to fix it. I just want a brand new one. So how would I go about buying a whole new carb for it? What should my price range be for this?

My engine is a Mopar 383, and it is a Chrysler Newport from 1968.

Many thanks!

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My guess would be that you have some dirt in the carb and it is flooding. What carb does it have now ? 2bbl or 4 bbl ? I had a 68 T&C w/ 440 had a Holly 4bbl that I through in the trash. If it has an Carter AVS 4bbl or 2bbl I would take it apart and give it a good cleaning
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i like my edelbrock avs so far like it over the holleys ive used its easy to tune ran pretty good out of the box i tuned it and it ran even better
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I think it's the stock carb. It's 2bbl for sure. I'm not sure if it's stock or not, but I am certain it is. I'm hesitant about even taking it out at this point. I have an uncle who rebuilt his own transmission, partially rebuilt the engine himself, whatever. He said that I need a timing light and tune the whole engine up before I even think about the carb. (I mean, I won't lie. It needs a new distributor cap now that I've looked at it, new spark plug wires, likely new plugs, and a new rotor).

What I still don't understand is why it started doing this immediately at one time. It happened right after I put new tires on it. Before, it ran perfectly fine. Sure, it ran rich, but it never got to the point of which it vibrates, makes weird knocking noises, rushing fluid sounds, etc. (I'm uploading a video of that right now to Youtube). It also started doing this carburetor garbage right after I put the new tires on it, which is weird to me. I was there the whole time when they put them on, so I know nothing went on when that was being done.

Here's another question. I took some wires off of my distributor cap and put them back on. No backfires, as I am certain I put them on correctly... but maybe I didn't and it's not behaving properly? But the problem started before that... so I somewhat doubt it.

I found a carburetor at "Rockauto" for $135. Sounds like it's a referb, but if it works it works. Apparently it's one of their best sellers. Oh, and it's 2bbl.

I would also like to verify this firing order for a 1968 Chrysler Newport with a 383 in it. If I mess up the wires if I replace them, the rotor and the cap... I'd want to have a good resource to look at if I do mess it all up. So is this accurate on that page? (for those who know)

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