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2005 plus Chrysler 300 door handle repair instead of replace.

Normally the front of the door handle is what breaks away from the door. It is easier to fix this than to replace the entire handle assembly.
1. (a)Remove the inside door panel as shown in many videos. (b) remove the plug to the window switch (c) lift up the plastic clip holding the shaft for the inside door handle.
2. Loosen the top part of the weather shield by using a single sided razor blade to cut away the glue.
3. Remove the front screw that hold the broken part of the handle to the door. No need to remove anything to get at this screw. Just put the socket on the 1/4 inch extension after you put the extension through the hole in the door that gives access to the screw head.
4. Get a steel or aluminum rod at your local hardware store that fits the hole in the part of the door handle you just removed. At the same time get some J-B Weld. ( I used J-B Kwik type)
5. You may have to sand down the rod so it fits snugly into the hole in the part removed and the part still on the car (that is the actual door handle).
6. Determine the depth of each hole and cut the rod to that length.
7. Mix the J-B weld up and put a bit on the rod and push it into part removed from door.
8. Next slide the part removed from the door back into place in the door and tighten the screw you removed.
9. Place some newly mixed J-B weld on the other side of the rod and slide the door handle part of the broken part together on the rod.
10. Push the weather shield back on the door
11. Re-plug the window switch plug
12. Put shaft back into the inside door handle and re-clip the plastic clip on the shaft.
13. Slide the door panel over the lock pin and align it with the door grooves, place the screws back in the door and put in the push pins (By the way when putting the plastic pins back in the door make sure you push the inside pin out so it now protrudes above the surface of the device. Once in just push the push pin flush. )
14. I left it over night and it works great.
Although it looks like there are 14 steps here, I just broke it down into that many little steps. It is much much easier than replacing the entire handle and you don't have to buy a new handle.
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