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Starting issues...


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Starting issues...

1970 plymouth valiant duster 340-
Replaced starter about 8 months ago, started up fine. Unfortunately the car sat 6 months in the weather while i was deployed. I return to find the usual, dead battery. Got a quick charge, let it run about half an hour for the alternator to charge it up. Made it to the gas station, cut it off, filled up, went to fire it up, it turned over, didnt fire. Not a huge deal was running on fumes before gassing up. Pumped the gas pedal a time or two, cranked it, it turned over and died out (battery was done) so i figured i knew the issue. Replaced the battery. Tried to start it, but it wont turn over. You can hear the starter try to engage, kind of a *clunk* .
Thinking it could be the starter relay, or the (looks like) original battery cables. I just replaced the starter relay, hopped in, cranked it, and it fired up, but it died out(had sat since i returned) Tried to crank it again, all i hear is the all too familiar *clunk* again from the starter. Any advice, or anyone else share a similar issue? My theory is the possibility of the teeth not meshing properly? But if thats so, what would cause this issue? Any answers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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'70 -

A good battery should hold up for 6 months, even in pretty cold weather.
Sounds like you've got a ground short somewhere, or something causing a voltage drain.

Unfortunately, tracking those down can be a royal pain.

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I agree... Sounds like cleaning the grounds are in order... Might even have to take the starter back out and clean the mounting surface..
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